What are the names of the Sreenivas family members?

  • Husband: Arvinda
  • Wife: Soumya
  • Daughter: Sakshi, 11-years-old

What is the Sreenivas family’s original Indian hometown?


In what American city does the Sreenivas family live now?

Woodbridge, New Jersey

What languages are spoken in the Sreenivas household?

Kannada and English 

What do Arvinda and Soumya do for a living?

Arvinda is a consultant at IBM. His wife, Soumya, is a stay at home wife with some pretty impressive acclamaids. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and in Instrumental Technology.

What do the Sreenivas parents like to do for fun?

Arvinda and Soumya enjoy playing chess and cricket.

What is Sakshi’s favorite subject in school?

Sakshi’s favorite subject is science.

What does Sakshi like to do for fun?

Sakshi enjoys swimming, painting and singing.

What does Sakshi want to be when she gets older?

Sakshi wants to become an artist.