What are the names and ages of the Shrivastava family members?

  • Husband: Rajeev, 48-years-old
  • Wife: Indu, 45-years-old
  • Kids: Isha, 11-years-old; Ojas, 7-years-old

What is the Shrivastava family’s original hometown?

Bhopal and Indore 

In what American city does the Shrivastava family live now?

North Brunswick, New Jersey

What do  Rajeev and Indu do for a living?

Rajeev is a Software Engineer. His wife Indu is a homemaker, who studied engineering back in India.

What languages are spoken in the Shrivastava household?

English and Hindi

What do the Shrivastava parents like to do for fun?

Rajeev likes to keep active and enjoys running marathons. As a couple, the Shrivastavas enjoy volunteer work – including software coaching.

What do the Shrivastava kids like to do for fun?

Ojas takes after his father’s athleticism and enjoys playing cricket. His sister Isha is more on the artsy side, and enjoys playing the piano and flute, as well as drawing.

Fun Fact about Isha?

Isha won multiple essay competitions and even participated in the Scripps Spelling Bee at her school.

What do the Shrivastava kids want to be when they grow up?

Ojas aspires to be an engineer, while Isha dreams about becoming a botanist.