What are the names and ages of the Sachdev family members?

  • Husband: Rajan, 45-years-old
  • Wife: Shubha, 41-years-old
  • Kids: Rohan, 14-years-old; Rahul, 12-years-old

What is the Sachdev family’s original hometown?

Cary, North Carolina

In what American city does the Sachdev family live now?

Cary, North Carolina

What do Rajan and Shubha do for a living?

Rajan is in the IT industry, working in the fidelity investments field.  His wife, Shubha is a homemaker, with a Dental Degree.

What languages are spoken in the Sachdev household?

English, Hindi and Punjabi

What do the Sachdev parents like to do for fun?

Both Rajan and Shubha enjoy playing tennis – both regular and table tennis, as well as going biking and playing Scrabble.

What do the Sachdev kids like to do for fun?

Rojan enjoys playing tennis, just like his brother Rahul, who is an international tennis player.

What do the Sachdev kids want to be when they grow up?

Both Rojan and Rahul aspire to become neurosurgeons.