What are the names and ages of the Purani family members?

  • Husband: Neel, 42-years-old
  • Wife: Herat, 38-years-old
  • Kids: Kavish, 14-years-old; Namya, 8-years-old

What is the Purani family’s original Indian hometowns?


In what American city does the Purani family live now?

Edison, New Jersey

What languages are spoken in the Purani household?

Gujarati and English

What do Neel and Herat do for a living?

Neel is an IT manager, while his wife, Herat, is a homemaker. Their combined qualifications include datavisualization, AI and robotics.

What do the Purani parents like to do for fun?

Both Neel and Herat enjoy the simple things in life, including spending time with family, watching television, watching movies and watching Gujarati plays.

What do the Purani kids like to do for fun?

Both Kavish and Namya enjoy playing chess – especially as a family.

Fun fact about Kavish?

Kavish won two chess tournaments for Kings and Queen Academy, and is USCF certified.

What do the Purani kids enjoy reading?

Kavish loves reading science fiction books, especially Rick Riordan and Harry Potter. His sister Namya enjoys reading Stella Batts and Geronimo books.