What are the names of the Jaffery family members?

  • Husband: Asim
  • Wife: Sumaiya
  • Kids: Khizer, 13-years-old; Maryam, 15-years-old

What is the Jaffery family’s original hometown?


In what American city does the Jaffery family live now?

West Babylon, New York

What languages are spoken in the Jaffery household?


What do Asim and Sumaiya do for a living?

Asim, who has a Bachelors in Construction Management, is a construction estimator. His wife Sumaiya holds a Bachelors in Pharmacy and is a pharmacist.

What do the Jaffery parents like to do for fun?

When they are not working, Asim and his wife Sumaiya like taking long walks.

What do the Jaffery kids like to do for fun?

Maryam, who is in the 10th grade, is a huge athlete. She enjoys playing lacrosse, running track and field and playing tennis. Her younger brother Khizer, who is in the 8th grade, enjoys sketching comics.

Fun fact about Maryam?

In addition to being an athlete, Maryam is also part of the Math league.

What do the Jaffery kids want to be when they grow up?

Maryam’s ambition is to become a cardiac surgeon. Khizer also dreams about being in the medical field, but as a pediatrician.