What are the names of the Jabbal family members?

  • Husband: Manjeet
  • Wife: Jaspreet (Fun Fact: Jaspreet also goes by the nickname, Pinky)
  • Son: Shaan, 10-years-old

What is Jabbal family’s Indian hometown?


In what American city does the Jabbal family live now?

Monroe, New Jersey

What is Manjeet’s profession?


What does Jaspreet do for a living?


What languages are spoken in the Jabbal household?

English, Punjabi and Hindi

What do the Jabbal parents like to do for fun?

Jaspreet’s favorite pastimes include shopping and cooking. Her husband, Manjeet, enjoys watching Bollywood movies.

What does Shaan like to do for fun?

When he is not studying, Shaan enjoys playing baseball and reading.

What does Shaan want to do when he grows up?

Shaan aspires to become a baseball player.