What are the names and ages of the Brahma family members?

  • Husband: Harihar, 39-years-old
  • Wife: Neelima Singhal, 39-years-old
  • Kids: Ishaan, 10-years-old; Nikita, 7-years-old

What is Neelima’s original hometown?


What is Harihar’s original hometown?


In what American city does the Brahma family live now?

Edison, New Jersey

What do Harihar and Neelima do for a living?

Harihar and Neelima are a computer savy couple. They both work in the IT department at a bank. 

What languages are spoken in the Brahma household?

English and Hindi 

What do the Bhrama parents like to do for fun?

Both Harihar and his wife enjoy music and dance.

What do the Bhrama kids like to do for fun?

Ishaan is the family athlete. He loves to play basketball and cricket. When he is not playing sports, Isaan also like to read, especially the Harry Potter series. His sister Nikita takes after mom and dad and loves to dance.

Fun Fact about Ishaan?

Ishaan has placed in several competitions, including fourth in the Math Kangaroo competition; second in the Math Olympiad, and fourth in Math Wiz. He also participated in a basketball league and a cricket tournament.

What do the Bhrama kids want to be when they grow up?

Ishaan takes after mom and dad, aspiring to become a software engineer. His sister has the family’s artistic gene and wants to be an artist when she gets older.