What are the names and ages of the Bhagania family members?

  • Husband: Manish, 41-years-old
  • Wife: Meena, 38-years-old
  • Children: Gauraang, 8-years-old; Chitraang, 8-years-old

What is Meena’s hometown in India?


What is Manish’s hometown in India?


What are Gauraang & Chitraang’s Indian hometown?


In what American city does the Bhagania family live now?

Quincy, Massachusetts

What is Manish’s profession?

Oral Surgeon 

What languages are spoken in the Bhagania household?

English and Hindi

What do the Bhagania parents like to do for fun?

Both Manish and Meena love to travel – especially to colder climates, where they can enjoy snow sports. In her spare time, Meena enjoys doing arts and crafts and dancing. Meena, a housewife with a Bachelor of Arts from Sree Shikhayatan, is also an excellent cook.

What do the Bhagania children like to do for fun?

Gauraang and Chitraang enjoy taekwondo, legos and hanging out at the local YMCA.

What do the Bhagania children want to be when they grow up?

Gauraang aspires to be an astronaut, while Chitraang wants to become a scientist.

Can you tell us a fun fact about the Bhagania family?

The Bhaganias are vegetarians and do not ever eat any eggs or mushrooms. Interestingly, not one member of the family has a single food allergy.