What are the names of the Bahuguna family members?

  • Husband: Vinay
  • Wife: Sushmita
  • Kids: Yash, 7-years-old; Reva, 14-years-old

What is the Bahuguna family’s original hometown?


In what American city does the Bahuguna family live now?

East Brunswick, New Jersey

What do Vinay and Sushmita do for a living?

Vinay, who has an MBA, is an entrepreneur. His wife Sushmita is a school teacher.

What languages are spoken in the  Bahuguna household?

English and Hindi

What do the Bahuguna parents like to do for fun?

Vinay enjoys playing golf and keeping up to date with current events, as well as astrology. His wife Sushmita enjoys painting, doing crossword puzzles and watching movies.

What do the Bahuguna kids like to do for fun?

Reva takes after her mother’s artistic side and enjoys singing. Her younger brother, Yash, also has an artistic itch. He enjoys painting and building.

Fun Fact about Reva?

Reva is part of CJMEA, a choir, where she sings. She has been a part of CJMEA for nearly three years.

Fun Fact about Yash?

Yash frequently participates in painting competitions.

What do the Bahuguna kids want to be when they grow up?

Like “America’s Smartest Family” gameshow host Zaid Ali, Yash aspires to become a YouTube sensation. His sister Reva wants to become a lawyer when she gets older.