Season 1, Episode 6: Full Video & Recap

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America’s Smartest Family” Airs Second Semi-Final Round

The New Game Show Series is the First-Ever English-Language Quiz Show of its Kind

The Jaffery family and the Kumar family were the next two teams to face-off in the semi-finals on this week’s episode of “America’s Smartest Family.” The new television game show series, airing exclusively on ZEE TV, is the first-ever English-language quiz show of its kind, putting some of the brightest South Asian families from across the globe on stage for a chance at the title and a $10,000 cash prize.

After receiving hundreds of submissions from hopeful contestants, 16 families scored high enough to surpass initial eliminations and compete on television. On the first four episodes of “America’s Smartest Family,” eight teams were eliminated, and eight teams advanced to the semi-finals, including episode 2  rivals – the Jaffery family of North Babylon, New York; and the Kumar family of Sayreville, New Jersey.

The Kumars would kick-off round one, selecting science as their first category, and math as their second category. Equipped with a new “team leader strategy,” the Kumars assigned each team member to a specific round.  This proved to be a strategic move, as they easily earned the first 200 points of the game. Their challengers, the Jaffery family, were also off to a strong start. After answering both their  history and geography questions correctly, the first round ended in a tie.

Despite entering round 2 with the advantage of going first and choosing two of their preferred categories, the Jaffery family was only able to answer one of their questions correctly, ending their perfect streak. The Kumar family would also struggle in round 2 and lose their perfect streak. Unable to answer either of their questions correctly, the Kumars would quickly fall behind, giving their rivals a slight 100 point lead by the end of the second round.

In rounds three and four – the buzzer rounds –  each correct answer is worth 200 points, and an incorrect answer docks 100 points from the team score. With fewer teams on stage during the semi-finals, there were more points up for grabs, making it easier for one team to break away with a sizeable lead. And that is exactly what happened. Much like their performance on episode 2, the Jafferys would widen their lead, ending round 3 with 1,200 points – twice as many points as the Kumars.

Entering the fourth round with a steady momentum and 600-point lead, the Jaffery family continued to shine in the remaining buzzer round. Their confident and strategic approach put some added pressure on the Kumars, who, at times appeared overly eager. Their inability to keep composed and in tune with the faster pace of the game led to a significant loss of points for the Kumars, who ended round 4 with fewer points than they began. By contrast, the Jafferys continued to widen their lead, ending the buzzer rounds with 1,500 points to the Kumars’ 500 points.

Although the Jafferys would kick-off the fifth and final round, dubbed the “make or break round,” with three times as many points as their opponents, the Kumars still had a slight chance of tying the game. Though it would be an uphill climb, the Kumars could technically force a tiebreaker under in the event that they answered their round 5 question correctly without any hints; and the Jafferys are not able to answer their final question correctly after three hints.

After answering their arts and entertainment question correctly without a single hint, the underdogs had a new found glimmer of hope as they tied the score. The fate of the game would now be decided by Jafferys, who needed to give host Zaid Ali the right answer in order to advance to the next round of semi-finals.

But the Jafferys did not fold under pressure and also answered their final question correctly. With the same confidence on display throughout the game, the Jafferys did not need a single hint for their round 5 question. Their strong semi-final performance easily eliminated the Kumars from the running, and secured their place in the second round of semi-finals.

One step closer to the $10,000 cash prize, the  Jafferys will compete against the Somani family on episode 9, which will air on Saturday, April 21.

In the meantime, tune in next week on Saturday, April 7, to see the Purani family and the Shrivastava family compete in the next semi-finals episode. “America’s Smartest Family” airs exclusively on ZEE TV at 9:00 p.m. EST; 9:30 p.m. PST; and 9:00 p.m. AST.

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