Season 1, Episode 4: Full Video & Recap

March 23, 2018 0 Uncategorized

ZEE TV Airs Episode 4 of “America’s Smartest Family”

The New Game Show Series is the First-Ever English-Language Quiz Show of its Kind

On this week’s historic episode of “America’s Smartest Family,” four new sets of teams faced off for the title of “America’s Smartest Family.” The new television game show series, airing exclusively on ZEE TV, is the first-ever English-language quiz show of its kind, putting some of the brightest South Asian families from across the globe on television for a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize.

After initial eliminations, 16 finalists were selected to compete for the crown. The Dash family of Buffalo Grove, Illinois; the Sachar family of Glen Rock, New Jersey; the Sachdev family of Cary, North Carolina; and the Agarwal family of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, were the next set of teams to appear on episode four of “America’s Smartest Family.”

Round one was off to a promising start, with the first two teams  – the Sachdev family and the Dash family – confidently gracing through their questions and clinching 100 points each. But the Agarwals and the Sachars struggled to earn points on the scoreboard by the end of the first round. After all was said and done, the Sachdev and the Dash families took an early lead, but the game was still too early to call.

The pressure was on for the Agarwals, who kicked-off round two. Sonia, the Agarwal matriarch, appeared confident in her calculation for host Zaid Ali, but failed to answer her math question correctly. The Sachars mirrored the Agarwals struggles, with 13-year-old Harnoor similarly appearing confident, but missing the mark with her team’s history question. By contrast, both the Sachdev family and the Dash family maintained their tie for first place, easily earning yet another 100 points each.

In rounds three and four – the buzzer rounds –  each correct answer is worth 200 points, and an incorrect answer docks 100 points from the team score. It was the faster pace of round three that would change the tone of the game and begin to set apart the fiercest competitors. By the end of the third round, the Dash family proved that they were the team to beat, dashing to first place with a strong 700 points. The Sachdev family lost crucial points for wrong answers, but trailed behind in second place with 400 points. The Agarwals came in at third with 200 points, while the Sachars were still struggling earn points on the scoreboard.

In momentum with the previous round, round four continue to pave the way for the Dash family, who maintained their lead. Thirteen-year-old Anmol, an aspiring attorney, kicked-off round four with a bang, impressively answering a whopping seven out of eight questions with such ease, he did not even need to consult with his team before giving Zaid Ali the right answer.

Amnol, the real MVP, thrusted the Dash family to a comfortable first place lead, which was already wide enough to secure the team a spot in the semi-finals – regardless of how they did round five. The quick thinking teen single-handedly made “America’s Smartest Family” history, paving the way for the Dashes to hit the 2,000 point mark by the end of round four – a feat no other team in the show’s history was able to achieve. The Agarwals made a modest comeback, clinching second place with 600 points. The Sachdev family trailed behind, coming in third with 400 points, while the Sachars finished the fourth round with 200 points.

Although the Dash family had already dashed their way to the semi-finals, one other team would also advance. And if  there is one thing “America’s Smartest Family” fans have learned from watching the show – it is that the fifth and final round – the “make or break” round – that can shake anything up. During this round, the show takes a Jeopardy-like turn with the host spicing things up by offering clues. If the team answers correctly without a clue, a maximum of 1,000 points is awarded. If the one hint is used, 800 points are awarded; and if two hints are used, 600 points are added to the score.

It was yet another swing and a miss for the Sachars, who could not give an answer in time, eliminating the family from the semi-finals. And with one less team to worry about, the pressure was on for the Agarwals and the Sachdevs, who were neck-in-neck for second place.

The Sachdevs did not fold under pressure. The team earned 800 points after answering their history question with just one hint. They threw the ball back into the Agarwals’ court, but their effort was simply not enough. The Agarwals nailed their question without any hints, earning the maximum of 1,000 points and securing their spot in the semi-finals. They will face their fierce competitors – the Dash family – in episode 8, which airs on Saturday, April 14.

In the meantime, tune in next week on Saturday, March 24, to see the next four teams compete for the title of “America’s Smartest Family.” The series airs exclusively on ZEE TV at 9:00 p.m. EST; 9:30 p.m. PST; and 9:00 p.m. AST.