Season 1, Episode 10: Full Video & Recap

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Last Team to Advance to Finals Revealed on “America’s Smartest Family”

The New Game Show Series is the First-Ever English-Language Quiz Show of its Kind

On this week’s episode of “America’s Smartest Family,” the Purani family and the Dash family would vye for a chance to compete against the Somanis on the show’s season finale. The new television game show series, which airs exclusively on ZEE TV, is the first-ever English-language quiz show of its kind, putting some of the brightest South Asian families from across the globe on stage for a chance at the title and a $10,000 cash prize.

After receiving hundreds of submissions from hopeful contestants, 16 families scored high enough to surpass initial eliminations and compete on television. On the first four episodes of “America’s Smartest Family,” eight teams were eliminated, and eight teams advanced to the semi-finals. After the first round of semi-finals, just four teams remained – including episode 7 winners, the Purani family; and episode 8 winners, the Dash family.

Saturday’s episode marked the first time the Dash and Purani teams would compete against one another on-stage – and the stakes were high. Only the winning team would be given the opportunity to face-off against the Somanis, who have already secured their spot in next week’s finals.

The Dash family – one of the show’s most memorable contestants – kicked-off  the first of two category rounds, choosing history as their first topic, and science as their second topic. Thirteen-year-old Anmol, an aspiring attorney, would continue in his legacy is a young prodigy. In tune with his indomitable spirit, the Dashes wrapped up the first round with a perfect score of 200 points, setting a competitive tone. The Puranis, hoping to match  their challengers’ perfect round 1 performance, selected the math and geography categories. But much to their disappointment, it was a swing and a miss for the team, who failed to earn any points on the scoreboard by the end of round 1.

Down by 200 points, the Puranis commenced  round 2 with the slight advantage of being able to pick their preferred categories. They selected the math and science categories, hoping for better luck than the previous round. But it felt like Groundhog Day for these underdogs, who would once again be stumped by both questions. The Dashes were next at-bat, and opted for history and geography. While they hit the mark with their science question, the Dash family would sadly end their perfect streak by giving the wrong answer to their geography question. They concluded round 2 with a modest 300-point lead.

In rounds 3 and 4 – the buzzer rounds –  each correct answer is worth 200 points, and an incorrect answer docks 100 points from the team score. With fewer teams on stage during the semi-finals, more points were up for grabs. The first buzzer round was a roller coaster for both families, who lost several hundred points. The Dashes would eventually break away toward the end of round 3, solidifying a 500-point lead over their opponents.

The Dashes began to heat up at the start of round 4 – at one point, earning 1,200 points to the Puranis’ 500 points. But they quickly lost their momentum, giving their challengers some room to catch up. Towards the middle of the round, the Puranis were giving the Dashes a run for their money. But just as the Purani family was slowly starting to catch up, seperated by just 200 points, a fire was ignited for the Dashes, who found their rhythm as round 4 was coming to a close. Answering an impressive seven questions correctly back-to-back, the Dash family wrapped up round 4 with 1,800 points. Their opponents, the Puranis, would enter the final round with a score of 1,100.

The game was still too close to call, and it would all come down to the fifth and final round – a scenario both teams were hoping to avoid. During this “make or break” round, the show takes a Jeopardy-like turn with the host, YouTube sensation Zaid Ali spicing things up by offering clues. If the team answers correctly without a clue, a maximum of 1,000 points is awarded. If the one hint is used, 800 points are awarded; and if the maximum of two hints are used, 600 points are added to the score.

Down by 700 points, the pressure was on for the Purani family, who needed to answer their history question correctly to avoid elimination. The Puranis did not skip a beat, answering their final question with ease and earning the maximum of 1,000 points for the round. It was not the Dashes who were feeling the heat. While they had some wiggle room to take hints, they needed to give the right answer in order to advance to the finals. The Dashes would make use of their lead and take the maximum of two hints. And after Zaid Ali gave them their second and final clue, the answer seemed all-but-obvious for MVP Amnol, who had carried his team all the way to the finals. Adding 600 points to their score, the Dashes were declared the winners, successfully eliminating the the Puranis.

The Dashes will move on to the finals to face-off against the Somanis, but only one team will be crowned.

Tune into the season finale of “America’s Smartest Family” next week, on Saturday, May 5 to see which team gets to take home the $10,000 cash prize.“America’s Smartest Family” airs exclusively on ZEE TV at 9:00 p.m. EST; 9:30 p.m. PST; and 9:00 p.m. AST.