Zee TV USA is launching America’s Smartest Family, the first English language South Asian game show on February 24. The highly-anticipated series is the first and only family quiz show to feature South Asian Americans. Sixteen of the America’s brightest South Asian families will attempt to outsmart one another for a chance at the title of America’s Smartest Family and the grand prize.

America’s Smartest Family will challenge the contestants intellectually and test their ability to handle pressure through various rounds of gameplay. Hosted by 23-year-old Youtube sensation Zaid Ali, contestants will be quizzed on topics pulled from American public school curriculums, trending pop culture and logic. Zaid brings his own witticisms and cultural identity to appeal to the South Asian diaspora. Each episode will feature five rounds where contestants will be tested on their reaction, team work and intelligence. America’s Smartest Family aims to be informative and fun for people of all ages. Viewers can challenge their own problem-solving skills and keep pace with the contestants from the comfort of their own homes.

The first round is composed of four questions. Participants will select a question from five distinct categories which include – science, math, arts, history and geography. Teams will be awarded 100 points for every correct answer and there will be no penalties for incorrect answers until the fourth round, where families can have up to 100 points deducted for every wrong answer.

As the competition heads into the third and fourth round, the stakes are higher as each correct answer is worth 200 points. In the final round, Zaid Ali will offer contestants a clue option. For families who correctly answer each question without a clue, they are awarded 300 points. Each time a team requests for a hint, the score they receive will be lowered by 100 points.

In the first four episodes, four families will face off. The top two teams from each episode will then compete against one another. The prevailing families will then move onto the semi-families until just two families remain.  The two winning teams will then head into the finals where one family will be crowned America’s Smartest Family.

America’s Smartest Family will premiere on February 24. You can watch it on Zee TV in America, Canada and Caribbean at 9pm ET/930pm PT and 9pm AST.